Judith Schaechter, PhD, MSPT

Professional Information


Assistant Professor in Radiology, Harvard Medical School
Research Staff, Massachusetts General Hospital


PhD Neuroscience, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
BS Psychology, Brown University,
MS Physical Therapy, Boston University,

Martinos Faculty


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Building 149, Room 2301
13th Street
Charlestown, MA 02129 USA

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My research is aimed at elucidating the neural mechanisms underlying sensorimotor recovery after stroke. The long-term goal of these investigations is to develop accurate prognostic biologic markers for sensorimotor recovery, as well as new and scientifically-based therapeutic interventions that promote recovery of sensorimotor function after stroke. Currently, I am using functional magnetic resonance imaging to probe changes in brain activity that are associated with recovery of upper extremity function after hemiparetic stroke. As well, I am applying diffusion tensor imaging to understand relationships among the extent of stroke-induced damage to the corticospinal tract, a fiber bundle system critical to motor function in the intact brain, changes in brain activity, and recovery of sensorimotor recovery. Magnetoencephalography is being used to explore causal interactions between activity in sensorimotor cortices in the two hemispheres in the intact brain and how these interactions may differ in stroke patients. Planned studies include use of transcranial magnetic stimulation to determine the functional role of specific sensorimotor cortical areas in stroke recovery.