Giorgio Ganis, PhD

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Assistant Professor in Radiology, Harvard Medical School
Assistant in Neuroscience, Massachusetts General Hospital


PhD Cognitive Science, University of California at San Diego, 1997

Martinos Faculty


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149 Thirteenth Street, Rm 2301
Charlestown, MA 02129 USA

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I am an established cognitive neuroscientist in the field of visual cognition who is well-versed in several techniques (fMRI, ERPs, NIRS, TMS, and tDCS) and a pioneer in deception research using fMRI. I conducted the first ERP study investigating visual scene context effects. In addition, I carried out one of the first fMRI studies in the field of deception, and I was the first to attempt to systematically distinguish between different types of lies within a principled neurocognitive framework. Over the last few years, I have become interested also in training and generalization of visual skills. My long-term goals are to develop testable neurocognitive theories of higher cognitive processes using complementary brain imaging techniques, and to understand how human behavior arises from specific brain networks and how neurophysiological attributes of these networks determine performance. Progress in attaining these ambitious goals has been documented in numerous research articles and reviews.