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Study Title

MRI Technology for Measurement of Functional and Structural Connectivity in Brain

Study Description

MRI technology has demonstrated the potential for non-invasive mapping of the structural and functional connectivity of the human brain in health and disease. In addition to offering a probe of neuronal injuries and a wide range of pathologies impacting cortical connections, these methods also offer the potential to study the large-scale wiring of the brain: the Human Connectome. Although MRI has validated capabilities for connectivity mapping, it also faces technical limitations arising from its sensitivity and specificity to connections, thereby limiting its clinical applicability for connectivity mapping. The aim of this project is to develop acquisition technologies to improve MRI capability for connectivity mapping - allowing for up to a 12-fold improvement in efficiency.

The development of new acquisition technologies for the MR system necessitates evaluation to determine how they can best be applied to research studies. Trials involving human subjects are a necessary step in the development of new MR software.

HOW LONG: Single session lasting up to 2 hours
• Are between 18-60 years old
• Have no metal in your body
• Have no history of neurological or psychiatric disorders
• Have no history of claustrophobia
Compensation of $50
1-day parking sticker provided


Kawin Setsompop, principal investigator and study representative