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Here is the first issue of VALVE for 1999 in zipped Postscript form. I have Doc B's permission to do this as long as I make it clear that this translation from PDF to Postscript is being supplied by me, not him, and that any questions or comments should be directed at me, not him: VALVE199.zip , about 9 Meg. This file was generated by Acroread 3.0 running on a Sun Ultra 5. I can also create Postscript using Acroread on my Mac if there is a problem with this file. Here's the same file in pdf form: valve199.pdf .

Issues 2, 3 and 4 will appear soon, but will be removed as soon as Electronic Tonalities offers the 1999 issues on CD ROM.

Tim Reese
MGH NMR Center
Charlestown Navy Yard
13th Street, Bldg 149 (2301)
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