Resources of the NSG

Neural Systems Group

Brain Imaging: The Neural Systems Group is part of both the Athinoula A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging (based at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School) and the MGH department of Psychiatry. As such, members have access to a wide variety of brain imaging facilities including:
  • two 1.5T MRI scanners (one clinical, one research)
  • two 3.0T MRI scanners (one head-only, one whole-body)
  • one 7.0T MRI scanner
  • near infrared spectroscopy and imaging devices
  • a state-of-the-art MEG scanner
  • high-density EEG/ERP equipment
  • multiple animal MRI scanners (4.7T, 9.4T, 12T)
  • multiple common labs, testing rooms, etc.

    Behavioral Testing Rooms: A dedicated behavioral testing room is available within the department of Psychiatry footprint. This room is 350 sq. ft. and contains an exam bed, sink, and includes ample space for portable optical equipment and any associated computers. The exam bed allows for variable positioning of the subject, as desired. A second behavioral testing room, of similar size and composition is also available, housing a suite of InVivo physiological monitoring equipment: Finapres pulse monitor, pulse oximeter, respiration strain gauge, expired CO2 respiration monitor, and galvanic skin conductance sensors all conntected to an integrated Macintosh recording software suite. This setup is identical to that available in the MR scanning bays for ease of paradigm transport.

    Computer: The Neural Systems Group maintains a wide variety of computing facilities, to cover most if not all computing needs. Computers include 3 Sun Ultra 10 workstations, 1 Linux workstation, three PC portables, one Macintosh portable, one PC desktop system and one Macintosh desktop system. Auxiliary options including scanning equipment, multiple printers including color laser printing, and well over 400Gb of hard disk space. In addition, the Martinos center maintains a wide variety of computers, clusters, RAIDs and networking facilities.

    Office: Office space is available to this project for each of the key personnel, plus three conference rooms, audio visual laboratory, staff offices and general seating space for pre- and postdoctoral fellows. The conference rooms (~600 sq ft each) and audio-visual laboratory are equipped with TV monitors, VCR’s, carousels, teaching files and tapes.

    Massachusetts General Hospital
    The MGH and the Athinoula A. Martinos Center (formerly the NMR Center) at MGH also have one of the world's best collection of brain imaging resources.