Retreat 2005

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  • 2005 Dec 08
  • Murakami S, Tongsheng Z, Hirose A, and Okada YC. Physiological origins of evoked magnetic fields and extracellular field potentials produced by guinea-pig CA3 hippocampal slices. J. Physiol. 2002 541.1:237-251.
  • 2005 Nov 10
  • Brown JW, Braver TS. Learned predictions of error likelihood in the anterior cingulate cortex. Science. 2005 Feb 18;307(5712):1118-21.

    Computational Neuroscience Center Publications

    Bar, M., Kassam, K.S., Ghuman, A.S., Boshyan, J., Schmidt, A.M., Dale, A.M., Hamalainen, M.S., Marinkovic, K., Schacter, D.L., Rosen, B.R. & Halgren, E. (2006). Top-down facilitation of visual recognition. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 103(2), 449-454.

    Jones, S.R. & Kopell, N. (2006). Local network parameters can affect inter-network phase lags in central pattern generators. J Math Biol, 52(1), 115-140.

    Lin, F.H., Belliveau, J.W., Dale, A.M. & Hamalainen, M.S. (2006). Distributed current estimates using cortical orientation constraints. Hum Brain Mapp, 27(1), 1-13.

    Lin, F.H., Witzel, T., Ahlfors, S.P., Stufflebeam, S.M., Belliveau, J.W. & Hamalainen, M.S. (2006). Assessing and improving the spatial accuracy in MEG source localization by depth-weighted minimum-norm estimates. Neuroimage.

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