Volunteers diagnosed with schizophrenia needed for a research study

Principal Investigator:

Dara S. Manoach, Ph.D.

Department of Psychiatry Massachusetts General Hospital


- We are looking for volunteers with schizophrenia between the ages of

16 and 60 to participate in a brain imaging study of the voluntary control of eye movements.

- Individuals without a history of substance abuse within the past six months and no seizure disorder

or history of head injury with a prolonged loss of consciousness may be eligible to participate.

Subject participation:

    - Participation will involve 3 sessions.

    - The first session will include a clinical interview and a practice session where you will learn an eye-movement

    task and give a saliva sample to provide genetic data.

    - There will be two brain imaging sessions, each on a separate day.You will be asked to

    perform the same eye-movement task during MEG and fMRI scans.

    - The study is completely non-invasive.

    - Participation lasts for about 7 hours.

    - Your confidentiality will be assured.


    You will be paid between $170 - $210 for participation.


    If you think you are eligible and may be interested in participating, please call Jesse Friedman at (617) 726-0307 or email jessef@nmr.mgh.harvard.edu