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Cognition and Behavior

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Attention & Higher Cognition

  • Development and Neurological Bases of Executive Control of Thought and Action  (Adele Diamond)
  • fMRI of Individual Differences in Visual Imagery  (Stephen Kosslyn)
  • fMRI of Visual Cognition  (Stephen Kosslyn)
  • fMRI Studies of Human Vision and Attention  (David Somers)
  • fMRI Studies of Visual Memory and object recognition  (Moshe Bar)
  • Functional MRI of Human Attention and Cognitive Control  (Jiang)
  • Neuronal Mechanisms Underlying Visual Object Recognition  (James DiCarlo)
  • Spatiotemporal Brian imaging of Cognitive Processes  (Caroline West)  
  • Temporal Neuroimaging of the Cortical Mechanisms Subserving Visual Cognition  (Moshe Bar)
  • The Cortical mechanisms and Dynamics of Object Recognition: A Combined fMRI and Behavioral Study  (Moshe Bar)

Language and Speech

  • Auditory Phonological Processing in Adults without Dyslexia  (Eric Halgren)
  • Effects of Hearing Status on Adult Speech Production  (Frank Guenther)
  • fMRI studies of language  (David Caplan)
  • Neural Modeling and Imaging of Speech  (Frank Guenther)
  • Stages of Word and Object Processing  (Lauren Moo)

Learning and Memory

  • Cognitive, Pharmacological and fMRI Studies of Memory in Humans  (Chantal Stern)
  • fMRI of Memory For names and faces  (Reisa Sperling)  
  • fMRI Studies of strategic retrieval Processes  (Daniel Schacter)  
  • Memory Processes of the Brain: Stimulus Encoding, Working Memory, Paired-Associate Learning, Spatial Memory, and Emotional Memory (Chantal Stern)

Motivation and Emotion

  • An fMRI Study of Emotion  (Dan Dougherty) 
  • An fMRI Study of the Modulation of Cognition by Emotion  (Dan Dougherty) 
  • Face Overgeneralization, Prejudice, and Sterotypes  (Itzhak Aharon)    
  • fMRI Study of Emotional Experience  (Barrett) 
  • Neural Substrates of Reward Processing  (Dan Dougherty)

Senory and Motor Systems

  • A Neurophysiological Study of Primate Cortico-basal Ganglia Networks  (Ann Graybiel)
  • Defining Central Circuits of Visceral Pain  (Brad Kuo)     
  • fMRI Investigation of Mu Opiod analgesia on Experimental Pain  (Randy Gollub)  
  • fMRI of the Auditory System  (Levine) 
  • fMRI Studies of Human visual cortex  (Nancy Kanwisher)  
  • High Precision fMRI Imaging of Human Visual Cortex  (Bruce Fischl)  
  • Imaging Gray Matter Structure in Human Auditory Cortex  (Larry Wald)    
  • Neuroimaging of Somatotopic Activation in Humans  (Christopher Moore)   
  • Neuroimaging of the Human Visual System  (Roger Tootell) 
  • Optical Imaging for Rapid Determination of Pain  (David Boas)


  • Sleep Deprivation and the Prefrontal Cortex  (Ken Kwong)     
  • Sleep Fragmentation and the Prefrontal Cortex  (Ken Kwong)


  • Cognitive Effects of Cerebellar Lesions in Humans  (Jeremy Schmahmann)


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