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(neuro - metabolism, pharmacology, physiology, plasticity)

  • Comparing fMRI and Neuronal Activity in Awake behaving Macaques (Roger Tootell)
  • Cortical Organization in New World Monkeys (Christopher Moore)
  • Exploring Cerebral Metabolic- Vascular Coupling with DOT/fMRI (David Boas)
  • Functional Imaging of Neural Degeneration/Regeneration: Monkeys (Anna Liisa Brownell)
  • MRI and Optical Imaging of Hemodilution and Exchange Transfusion in Rats (Alex de Crespigny)
  • MRI Detection of Compund Action Potential Using Synchronously Triggered Dissected Frog Sciatic Nerve (Jerry Ackerman)
  • MRI Studies of Neural Plasticity in Rodents (George Dai, Alan Jasanoff)
  • MRI Study of Dopamine Modulation by Electrical Stimulation (Iris Chen)
  • Neurotransmitter Function in Awake Rats: fMRI Studies (Iris Chen)
  • Spatiotemporal Brain Imaging: Microscopic & Systems Level: MRI Studies in Anaesthetized Rat (Anders Dale)


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