Obtaining Web Space And Services

At this time we are able to offer two kinds of Web space for our users

Personal Web Space

Email the Martinos Center Help Desk (help@nmr) and request that they add your username to /space/public_html with a symlink to your home directory.

Any file placed in this directory will be visible from the Web via either of the following URLs, (Web addresses)



where USER is your Center UNIX/linux username.

Departmental (Group or Lab) Space

Departmental Web space may be obtained by sending an e-mail request to help@nmr.mgh.harvard.edu stating that you are requesting departmental Web space. Further information will be supplied with via e-mail. Departmental Web space is generally expected to deal with departments, labs, conferences, classes, etc. -in other words things dealing with a whole group or service. There is currently no disk quota on this space however this may change if space is abused.

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