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The Charles River Association for Memory is a group of researchers based in Boston, loosely arrayed along both sides of the Charles River. Individuals from labs at Harvard, MIT, BU, MGH, BWH, JPVA, Brandeis, Wellesley, and other institutions participate.

Goals: To provide a forum through which Boston-area researchers studying memory can exchange ideas and discuss issues common to our field; to foster the development of a network of researchers studying memory to spur collaborative research and training efforts, as well as collective use of resources; to encourage the development of shared learning tools for trainees at all levels.

Researchers of all levels (student through faculty) studying memory are invited to participate in CRAM activities.

We held twice yearly meetings from 2006 - 2015, and moved in 2016 to an annual meeting.

With heavy hearts, we mourn our beloved friend and colleague Howard Eichenbaum who died in July 2017. We have been very fortunate to have worked closely with Howard over the past 12 years to plan and run our community's Charles River Association for Memory meetings, bringing the greater Boston area's memory researchers together to learn from and with each other. In many ways CRAM was the perfect vehicle for Howard, who above all else loved bringing people together to share new data or ideas, engage in discussions or debates, or just catch up about life over a beer at the reception. We will never forget the boyish twinkle in his eye when he caught hold of a new idea about memory or the hippocampus and began enthusiastically discussing how it should be integrated into our world view. Besides his brilliance and gentlemanly scholarship, the CRAM community knows what a sweet man Howard was. He was always willing to make time to hear about what was going on in a colleague's professional or personal life, and to warmly sympathize with challenges or celebrate successes. We are shocked and devastated to lose him so prematurely, and send our deepest sympathies to his family. With Denise Parisi, Neal Cohen, and others, CRAM is planning a March 23 2018 meeting to celebrate Howard and his contributions to the neuroscience of memory.

Click here to register for the 23rd CRAM meeting celebrating the life and work of Dr. Howard Eichenbaum on March 23 2018.

Brad Dickerson, John Gabrieli, Dan Schacter, Chantal Stern, and Mike Hasselmo

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