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Spring 2017 CRAM meeting
21st Meeting
May 10, 2017, 9am-5pm
Location: Boston University, 610 Commonwealth Ave, 1st Floor

Memory and the cognitive map

Timothy Behrens, Professor, Oxford University

Title: Storing and updating models of the world

Dmitriy Aronov, Professor, Columbia University

Title: Mapping of a continuous non-spatial dimension by the hippocampal/entorhinal circuit

Anthony Wagner, Professor, Stanford University

Title: Hippocampal contributions to memory-guided navigational planning

Patricia Bauer, Professor, Emory University

Title: Privileged retention of personal spatial information

Hugo Spiers, Reader in Neuroscience, University College of London

Title: Representations of space in the human medial temporal lobe

Hosted by Boston University Center for Memory and Brain and Charles River Association for Memory.

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