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The 2013 - 2014 academic year includes both fall and spring CRAM meetings, as usual. The fall meeting was an exciting update on false memory in humans and animals. The spring meeting will focus on prefrontal interactions in memory and executive control, March 26 at BU.

Spring 2014 CRAM meeting Wednesday, Mar 26, 2014; 1-4pm
Boston University, School of Education, Room 130, Two Silber Way
(street parking or Green Line Blanford St stop)
Registration is free but required; please email to indicate that you would like to attend

“Prefrontal networks: Function and dysfunction in executive control”
Invited Speakers:
Menno Witter (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) “Searchlight on prefrontal -(para) hippocampal parallel interconnectivity.”
Brad Postle (University of Wisconsin) “Prefrontal contributions to short-term and working memory.”
Mark Laubach (Yale University) “Neuronal mechanisms for the adaptive control of action by the medial prefrontal cortex.”
Jeremy Seamans (University of British Columbia) “What really is the function of the anterior cingulate cortex?”

Fall 2013 CRAM meeting Wednesday, Dec 11, 2013
MIT, Building 46, 43 Vassar St, Room 3189
1:00pm False Memories: Of Mice and Men with keynote lectures by Dan Schacter, PhD, and Susumu Tonegawa, PhD
3:15pm Poster session and refreshments
5:00pm Adjourn

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