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The 2006 - 2007 academic year is shaping up nicely, with both fall '06 and spring '07 CRAM meetings. The fall '06 meeting was similar to the January '06 meeting, with an afternoon devoted to sharing of information. This time we tried both a data blitz and a poster session--both were filled with great new data and dialogue.

The spring '07 meeting will be a special full-day thematic meeting, organized by Howard Eichenbaum and co-hosted by the BU Center for Memory and Brain, devoted to convergent data on the organization of medial temporal lobe memory systems from animal and human studies.

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Download a spring '07 CRAM meeting flyer here.

Spring 2007 CRAM Meeting
Wed, May 9, 2007
Center for Memory and Brain, Boston University (co-host)
George Sherman Union, 775 Commonwealth Avenue, 2nd floor -- click here for map

CRAM will co-host a one-day workshop that will examine our progress in understanding the functional organization of the medial temporal lobe memory system. In recent years there has been considerable evidence from diverse approaches, including experiments on amnesia and functional imaging in humans and lesion and single neuron recording studies in animals, demonstrating functional dissociations among medial temporal areas. This full day workshop will highlight the findings and thoughts of several internationally known investigators who have generated these data. The goal of the workshop will be to review their findings and consider whether the data shed light on an overall functional organization that underlies memory processing by the MTL.

8:30 Check in (continental breakfast served)
9:30 Howard Eichenbaum
   Welcome & Overview
9:45 Menno Witter
   Reflections on the architecture of the medial temporal lobe memory system: Indications for interactions and functional differentiation

Session I (Michael Rugg, Chair)
10:15 Charan Ranganath
   Familiarity, recollection, items, and associations: Making sense of the medial temporal lobes
10:45 Jocelyne Bachevalier
   Medial temporal lobe structures and memory: What have we learned from lesion studies in nonhuman primate studies?
11:15 Moshe Bar
   The parahippocampal cortex and contextual associations
11:45 James Knierim
   Spatial and nonspatial information conveyed by parallel input streams into the hippocampus
12:15 Chair's discussion: Michael Rugg

12:30 Lunch

Session II (Neal Cohen, Chair)
2:00 Anthony Wagner
   Remembering Events Past: Explorations of Human MTL Substructure Function
2:30 Wendy Suzuki
   Comparing Associative Learning Signals across the monkey Hippocampus and Perirhinal Cortex
3:00 Craig Stark
   Pattern separation in the human MTL
3:30 Matthew Wilson
   Hippocampal-neocortical interactions in spatial memory processing
4:00 Chair's discussion: Neal Cohen

4:30 - 6:00 Evening reception

Fall 2006 CRAM Meeting
Wed, Nov 1, 2006
1 - 5 p.m.
MIT: 46-3189, 43 Vassar St., Cambridge, MA
1:00pm-1:45pm Plenary: Role of the medial temporal lobe in short-term memory$ 1:45pm-2:00pm Discussion
2:00pm-3:30pm Data blitz--10 minute talks
3:30pm-5:00pm Poster session--informal, browse and discuss

Map of the MIT building 46 area

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