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International Conference on Alzheimer's Disease, 2008
Bakkour A, Morris JC, Dickerson BC. Use of regional thickness measures to predict decline in questionable AD dementia: Comparison to standard volumetric measures.

Sapolsky D, Bakkour A, Nalipinski P, Caplan D, Dickerson BC. The utility of quantitative cortical thickness analysis in investigating brain-behavior relationships in progressive aphasias.

American Academy of Neurology, 2008
Dickerson BC, Bakkour A, Salat D, et al. The cortical signature of Alzheimer's disease (AD): A high-throughput in vivo MRI-based quantitative biomarker.

Dickerson BC, Bakkour A, Morris JC, Buckner RL. Alzheimer-like alterations in brain anatomy in cognitively intact older adults with brain amyloid.

MADRC 21st Annual Scientific Poster Symposium, 2008

Society for Neuroscience, 2007

American Academy of Neurology, 2007
Dickerson BC, Grossman M. Co-chairs. Behavioral neurology: Functional neuroimaging scientific platform session.

MADRC 20th Annual Scientific Poster Symposium, 2007
Dickerson BC, Bakkour A, Salat DH, Feczko E, Pacheco J, Greve DN, Grodstein F, Blacker D, Rosas HD, Sperling RA, Atri A, Growdon JH, Hyman BT, Morris JC, Fischl B, Buckner RL. The cortical signature of Alzheimer's disease: In vivo detection of regionally-specific thinning of association areas is reliable and relates to symptom severity.

Society for Neuroscience, 2006
Dickerson BC, Feczko E, Pacheco J, Fischl B, Buckner RL, Morris JC, Augustinack JC. Effects of aging and Alzheimer's disease on the medial temporal lobe: A quantitative morphometric study of entorhinal, perirhinal, and parahippocampal cortex.

Kahn I, Wiggins CJ, Wiggins G, Miller KL, Benner T, Fischl B, Wald LL, Buckner RL, Dickerson BC. High-resolution human 7T functional MRI: feasibility and specificity.

Sperling RA, Depeau K, Diamond E, Rentz D, Celone K, Dickerson BC, Pihlajamaki M, Miller S. Age-related differences in cortical deactivations during successful encoding.

Baker CI, Williams MA, Reddy L, Wald LL, Wiggins G, Dickerson BC, Triantafyllou C, Kanwisher N. Fine-grained analysis of functional selectivity in the human ventral visual pathway.

Polli FE, Miller SL, Sperling RA, Dickerson BC. Deactivations in default=mode cortical regions during encoding predict subsequent free recall.

Vossel KA, Miller S, Salat D, Sperling R, Blacker D, Dickerson BC. The relationship of parahippocampal white matter DTI-fractional anisotropy to episodic memory in young and older adults.

Miller SL, Fenstermacher, Sperling R, Dickerson BC. Hippocampal activation in older adults predicts subsequent free recall.

Fenstermacher E, Feczko E, Benner T, Van der Kouwe A, Wiggins CJ, Fischl B, Kahn I, Buckner R, Wald LL, Wiggins G, Augustinack J, Dickerson BC. Detection and quantification of medial temporal lobe fine structure in vivo at 380-500 micrometer resolution: A feasibility study using high- and ultrahigh-field MRI with large-N phased array head coils.

International Conference on Alzheimer's Disease, 2006

Human Brain Mapping, 2006

Society for Neuroscience, 2005
Dickerson BC, Miller S, Fenstermacher E, Greve D, Dale A, Albert M, Sperling R. Regional brain activity during encoding that predicts free recall.

Miller S, Celone K, DePeau K, Sperling R, Dickerson BC. Differential hippocampal activation during intentional encoding, detection of novelty, and recognition.

Fennema-Notestine C, Gollub R, Fischl B, Quinn B, Pacheco J, Dickerson BC. Feasibility of multi-site clinical structural neuroimaging studies of legacy data: Aging and Alzheimer's disease.

Depeau K, Dickerson B, Miller S, Celone K, Chua, E, Albert M, Blacker D, Sperling R. Hippocampal response to repeated stimuli in normal aging and Alzheimer's disease.
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