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Binder Cerebral Cortex 2010

Smith PNAS 2009 and supplemental data
Task related and resting state networks are very similar

Seeley Neuron 2009
Neurodegenerative diseases target large-scale human brain networks

Mesulam's editorial on above paper

Adolphs Annu Rev Psychol 2009
The social brain

Iacoboni Annu Rev Psychol 2009
Imitation & empathy

Heine Annu Rev Psychol 2009

Salmon Annu Rev Psychol 2009
Neuropsych assessment of dementia

Park Annu Rev Psychol 2009
Neurocognitive aging

Honey PNAS 2009
DSI (DTI) & fcMRI analysis that shows that aspects of anatomic connectivity (from DSI) predict fcMRI connectivity, although some aspects aren't predictive. Also shows that there is relatively low test-retest reliability of fcMRI data, suggesting that functional networks can "dynamically reconfigure" themselves.

Sheline PNAS 2009
Abnormalities in the task-related functional deactivation and activation of DMN regions in patients with depression, which the authors interpret to indicate abnormal processing of visual stimuli with respect to the self in pts with depression. Task was passively viewing neutral or negatively valenced images, or think about a negative picture as "more positive" or vice versa.

FIndings are particularly interesting in passive viewing condition. Not clear that the groups are not different across the board, though--are there any conditions/regions where the groups are similar (fig 2)? Nice discussion of connectivity of DMN (fig 3).

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