Neuroanatomy and Biostatistics

The overarching goal of the Neuroanatomy and Biostatistics Core is to provide a comprehensive, quantitative system of anatomic analysis for humans and animals (rat/monkey) in support of morphometric analysis and functional localization. 

This includes analysis of cerebral cortex, white matter and deep nuclei, as well as cerebellum and brainstem.  In addition, this system enables quantitative anatomic analysis of neural systems which will be investigated in the individual projects.
Specifically, in Project 1 the deqi circuit will be studied and in Project 2 there will be investigated corticostriatal circuits.  Projects 3 instead will deal with the circuits related to sensory discrimination, pain, acupuncture analgesia and placebo analgesia. 

The Neuroanatomy and Biostatics Core will also aim  to provide a comprehensive, biologically meaningful approach to the integrated biostatistical analysis of the integrated image  acquisition and data collection supported by the Projects (including integration of functional, structural, connectivity, genetic and molecular classes of data. 

Project Leader: 
Nikos Makris, M.D., P.hD.

Co Project Leader: 
David Kennedy, Ph.D.

Mark Vangel, PhD


Anders Dale, PhD

Bruce Fischl, PhD