Martinos Center:
Program in Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance
Research Initiatives
Available Positions
MGH/MIT/HMS Athinoula A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging



Small Animal MRI Scanners

  • 14 Tesla Bruker Avance MRI scanner (100 G/cm, 8.9 cm vertical bore magnet, Magnex Scientific)
  • 9.4 Tesla Bruker Avance MRI Scanner (40 G/cm, 21 cm horizontal bore magnet, Magnex Scientific)
  • 4.7 Tesla Bruker Avance MRI scanner (40 G/cm, 33 cm horizontal bore magnet, Oxford Instruments)


Large Bore MRI Scanners
  • 1.5 Tesla Siemens Avanto scanner (32 Channel, wireless cardiac gating)
  • 1.5 Tesla Siemens Sonata scanner (8 Channel)
  • 3.0 Tesla Siemens Trio, whole body scanner
  • 7.0 Tesla Siemens scanner (89 cm bore)


RF Coils
  • 10 mm id 1H, 20 mm id 1H, 20 mm id 1H/31P, and 20 mm id 1H/13C bird-cage coils for the 14 Tesla Bruker scanner.
  • Dedicated mouse and rat cardiovascular surface coils for both the 9.4 and 4.7 Tesla Bruker scanners.
  • Purpose built surface phased array coil for carotid imaging at 3.0 Tesla.


Physiological Monitoring Equipment

  • Two dedicated small animal physiological monitoring systems for cardiac and respiratory gating in small animal scanners (SA Instruments Inc.). 
  • Warm air blower with active feedback for temperature control in small animal scanners (SA Instruments Inc.).


Animal Surgery Laboratories

  • Two animal surgery laboratories are available. Each is equipped with anesthesia carts for animal surgery, an operating table, a surgical microscope, a desktop autoclave, a blood gas analyzer and various physiological monitoring devices including a computer controlled real time physiological monitoring station (blood pressure, EEG, and laser Doppler flowimetry).