A Celebration of the Life and Science of Jack Belliveau

On the afternoon of June 6, 2014, friends and colleagues came together to remember Jack Belliveau, the Martinos Center investigator and fMRI pioneer. While the symposium was organized around Jack’s remarkable accomplishments in fMRI and multimodal imaging, speakers one after the other spoke of the personal traits they knew in Jack—the unquenchable thirst for knowledge, the unchecked enthusiasm and the unwavering vision—that made these accomplishments possible.

And they told stories, often very funny and always very warm stories. Stories of how Jack revolutionized the field of medical imaging, but also of the impact he had on their own lives and careers.

Watch videos of the individual talks by following the links on the schedule below.


Opening Remarks Bruce Rosen
History of fMRI Randy Buckner
Remarks Roger Tootell
  Ken Kwong
  Bruce Jenkins
  Robert Weisskoff
  Jo Anne Fordham
  Mark Cohen
Multimodal Imaging John George
Remarks Jyrki Ahveninen
  Matti Hamalainen
  Giorgio Bonmassar
  Greg Simpson
  John Baker
  Van Wedeen
  Rod Tayler (childhood friend)
Closing Remarks James Brink
  Jim Thrall
  Tom Brady