15T live mouse brain images (Shuning Huang, Iris Chen, George Dai)

15T live mouse brain images (Shuning Huang, Iris Chen, George Dai)

The 15T scanner is undergoing repair following a magnet quench. It's anticipated to be up and running very soon.


“The Mouse Microscope”

This is a description of the 15T ultrahigh field MRI scanner laboratory in room 75-1.203.


Instrument Description

This scanner is comprised of a Magnex 14.56T (619 MHz) 130mm horizontal bore magnet interfaced to a Siemens Trio console, and homebuilt coils. Simens software is VB15A. The operator interface to the scanner is similar to that of Trio and Avanto scanners, except that several manual adjustments must be performed in order to scan.



35mm T/R birdcage (fits a 50mL Falcon centrifuge tube)

Live mouse T/R surface coil equpped with ear bars, and physiological monitoring

12mm transverse microscopy coil for specimens (double loop gap cylindrical resonator)

Varactor remote tuned receive coil with transmit birdcage


Additional Capabilities

Small Animal Instruments Model 1030 MR-compatible physiological monitoring and gating system

Multichannel and multinuclear receive capability is in development.


Required Acknowledgements

This facility is made possible by grants and continuing support. All publications and presentations making use of data obtained on this instrument must acknowlege NIH grant S10RR023009 from the National Center for Research Resources, the Center for Functional Neuroimaging Technologies funded by NIH grant P41EB015896,  and the Athinoula A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging.


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