Stress Reduction Study at Massachusetts General Hospital and University of Connecticut

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Thank you for your interest in this study looking at the effects of stress management training on chronic stress levels in healthy adults. This study is being conducted by researchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and the University of Connecticut (UConn).

You will receive 12 stress management sessions free of charge as part of the study. You will also receive audio recordings to supplement your stress management training, and you will be asked to practice with the recordings daily over the 12 weeks of the study.

We will collect data at four different points in the study: before you begin the program, after the 8th class, after you complete the program, and at a follow-up visit 4 months later. These visits will last about 20-60 minutes each. During the first visit you will meet with a study staff-member who will ask questions about your psychiatric history and determine your study eligibility. The other visits involve collection of height, weight, and waist-hip circumference, and completion of a computer task. At the end of the program you will be interviewed about your experience.

You will be paid $25 for each visit ($100 total) and you may keep the audio recordings after the study is done. We can also provide validation for parking for all study visits. You can contact a research coordinator at 617-643-5078 (MGH) or 860-486-2452 (UConn) with any questions.

If you are interested in participating please click on the link below and complete the survey to determine your eligibility.

Thank you!