Simultaneous MultiSlice (SMS) EPI with Blipped-CAIPI

We are pleased to announce Version 2.0 of our Simultaneous MultiSlice (SMS) EPI1-5 with Blipped-CAIPI5-6 software package for fMRI and diffusion applications. New features include:

  1. User control of sliceGRAPPA5 kernel sizes
  2. New optimized, fast image reconstruction for the sliceGRAPPA method
  3. Real-time reconstruction of high MultiBand acquisitions using Geometric Coil Compression7-8
  4. LeakBlock reconstruction for reduced cross-slice signal contamination9
  5. Full compatibility between SMS and iPAT for combined slice and in-plane acceleration10
  6. Peak power reduction using optimized phase schedules11

Pulse sequence and image reconstruction software is available for various Siemens platform versions including: VB17A, VB19A, VD11D, VD13A, VD13C, and VD13D.

To request the software, or for more information, please contact


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Thanks to Thomas Witzel (MGH), Borjan Gagoski (Boston Children’s Hospital), Cornelius Eichner (MGH), Himanshu Bhat (Siemens), Steve Cauley (MGH), Keith Heberlein (Siemens), Jon Polimeni (MGH) and Kawin Setsompop (MGH) for their efforts in developing this software.