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First we need to some information from you. When the data is ready for pickup (usually 2-3 business days), we will e-mail you the URL. All fields are required.


Finally here's the simulation data.

All data assumes a TE=.050 seconds, a gamma-variate input function where r=1.5, B=3.0 and baseline of 20 seconds. Each data set consists of 5x7 columns and rows of 34x34 data sets. Each column corresponds to delays from -5 to +5 seconds between the AIF and concentration time curve. Each row consists of flow values from 10 to 70 ml/100g/min and fixed CBV. Each 34 x 34 block consists of the same flow values and same delay. 40% signal drop was assumed for C(t) and 60% drop for Ca(t). Data provided courtesy of O Wu, MGH Martinos Center.

What is the residue function?
What is the SNR? 10 20 50 100 Inf
What is the TR (seconds)? 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5
What is the CBV (%)? 2 4