Yangming Ou, PhD

Professional Information


Assistant Professor in Radiology, Harvard Medical School
Assistant in Biomedical Imaging, Massachusetts General Hospital


PhD Bioengineering (Medical Image Analysis), University of Pennsylvania, 2012
MA Applied Maths, University of Pennsylvania, 2012
BS Electrical Engineering (BME division), Tsinghua University, 2003

Affiliated Faculty


Mailing Address

Building 149, Room 2301
13th Street
Charlestown, MA 02129 USA

General Contact Information


My research is mainly on the design and delivery of cutting-edge medical image analysis solutions for translational research. The purpose is to aid medical diagnosis or treatment planning, and to help better understand population trends of growth or abnormalities. 

  •   Medical Image Analysis and Machine Learning     

      •  Image Registration (Multi-Modal, Longitudinal, Cross-Subject, Handling Outliers (e.g. Pathology, Histology Cuts) 
      •  Image Segmentation (Multi-Atlas-based, Active Contour)
      •  Pattern Classification (Machine Learning)

    •   Applications to Clinical Research     

      •  Oncology (Treatment Planning, Adaptive Radiation, Quantification of Tumor Change, Response to Treatment)
      •  Computer-Aided Detection (CAD) of Abnormalities
      •  Population Studies (Disease Patterns and Trends, Atlas Construction)
      •  Longitudinal Studies (Pediatric/Mouse Brain Development, Tumor/Structural Change)