FAQ for Prospective Students

What type of students work at the Martinos Center?

The Martinos Center is home to full-time Ph.D. and Master's students from various backgrounds, ranging from Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science and Engineering to Biology, Neuroscience and Psychology. The breadth of research at the Center provides many opportunities for students to find a lab that suits their interests. You can find a list of our labs here.

Do I need to be in a particular program to work at the Martinos Center?

No! We welcome students from universities all over Boston, as well as visiting students from non-local institutions. Our current and former students are and have been enrolled in the following programs, among others:

The Navy Yard seems difficult to get to. How can I commute to the Center?

There are a number of ways to commute to the Center from your school. Please see the "How do I get to the Martinos Section?" section of our FAQ for Current Students page.

What support is available to students at the Center?

Please see the "Training Programs" section of our Courses and Training Programs page.

Who can I contact with questions about being a student at the Center?

You can always email our student representatives (student-info@martinos.org) with any questions you may have.