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The Charles River Association for Memory is a group of researchers based in Boston, loosely arrayed along both sides of the Charles River. Individuals from labs at Harvard, MIT, BU, MGH, BWH, JPVA, Brandeis, Wellesley, and other institutions participate.

Goals: To provide a forum through which Boston-area researchers studying memory can exchange ideas and discuss issues common to our field; to foster the development of a network of researchers studying memory to spur collaborative research and training efforts, as well as collective use of resources; to encourage the development of shared learning tools for trainees at all levels.

Researchers of all levels (student through faculty) studying memory are invited to participate in CRAM activities.

We have held 23 meetings, twice yearly from 2006 - 2015, and annually since.

The 24th CRAM meeting, with an exciting program, is now scheduled as an on-line meeting on Wed May 12 2021 from 12pm-4pm, with a focus on affective function and memory. This meeting is being organized and hosted by the Boston University Center for Systems Neuroscience and the Charles River Association for Memory.

Brad Dickerson, John Gabrieli, Dan Schacter, Chantal Stern, and Mike Hasselmo

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