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Remembering H.M.
We were honored at the December 4, 2008 meeting to have the opportunity to hear from Dr. Sue Corkin about the passing of H.M., the most famous patient in all of neuroscience research. In the days since his death on December 2, there has been an outpouring of sympathy and gratitude from the neuroscience community to both H.M. and Dr. Corkin, who maintained a compassionate 50-year relationship with him and said that his loss was "like losing a family member." Dr. Corkin reviewed with us the many ways that H.M. will continue to teach us about the neuroscience of memory, since his brain is being scanned with MRI post-mortem and comprehensive autopsy studies will be performed.

Click here to read the obituary from the December 5 New York Times.

More information on ongoing research: H.M. brain blog

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