Investigators receive ISMRM merit awards

June 6, 2014

Martinos Center researchers were widely recognized for their work at the 2014 meeting of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM), held last month in Milan, Italy.
Clarissa Cooley received the prestigious I.I. Rabi Young Investigator Award, which is given for original basic science research in magnetic resonance. Clarissa received the award for her abstract, “Two-dimensional imaging in a lightweight portable MRI scanner without gradient coils.”
Dylan Tisdall was awarded 1st Place by the Detection & Correction of Motion in MRI & MRS Study Group for his abstract, “Prospective head motion correction in 3D FLASH using EPI-based volumetric navigators (vNavs)”
Hsiao-Ying (Monica) Wey was awarded 1st Place by the Psychiatric MRI/MRS Study Group for her abstract, “Unravel Neurochemical Contributions to Hemodynamic Responses Using Simultaneous PET/MRI.”
Costanza Gianni received the 3rd Place award from the White Matter Study Group for her abstract, “In vivo characterization of inflammation by combined [¹¹C]-PBR28 PET imaging and 7 Tesla MRI in multiple sclerosis.”
Bastien Guerin was awarded 3rd Place by the Safety Study Group for his abstract, “SAR reduction in deep brain stimulation patients using parallel transmission.”
Martinos investigators also received a number of Summa Cum Laude Merit Awards (top 3% of submitted abstracts) and Magna Cum Laude Merit Awards (top 15% of submitted abstracts). These include:
Berkin Bilgic, “Rapid QSM Acquisition with Wave-CAIPI”
Berkin Bilgic, “Fast Reconstruction for Regularized Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping”
Clarissa Cooley, “Implementation of Low-Cost, Instructional Tabletop MRI Scanners”
Christin Sander, “Invisible Dense-Array EEG Net for Simultaneous EEG-PET/MR Imaging”
Jason Stockmann, “A 32ch Combined RF-Shim Brain Array for Efficient B0 Shimming and RF Reception at 3T”
Hsiao-Ying (Monica) Wey, “Simultaneous FPET and fMRI for Assessing Dynamic Neurovascular and Neurometabolic Changes”
Mark Bouts, “The Role of Predictive Algorithm Selection on the Accuracy of MRI-Based Prediction of Tissue Outcome After Acute Ischemic Stroke”
Clarissa Cooley, “Spatial Resolution in Rotating Spatial Encoding Magnetic Field MRI (RSEM-MRI)”
Mathias Davids, “Optimization of Fast K-Space Trajectories for 3D Spatially Selective Parallel Excitations”
Yigitcan Eryaman, “A Simulation Based Validation of a PTx Pulse Design Strategy Using Implant-Friendly Modes for Patients with DBS Implants”
Audrey Fan, “Regional Quantification of Cerebral Venous Oxygenation from MRI Susceptibility Mapping During Hypercapnia”
Susie Huang, “The Impact of Gradient Strength on in Vivo Diffusion MRI Estimates of Axon Diameter”
Christin Sander, “Internalization of Dopamine Receptors Imaged In Vivo by Simultaneous PET/fMRI”
Marjorie Villien, “Dynamic FPET/fMRI of the Human Visual System”
Congratulations to all!