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Congratulations to David Waddington, and his outstanding TEDx talk on Innovation and Invention!

Very happy to announce the launch of the Center for Machine Learning at Martinos (CML@M)!

Matt gave a talk in May at the 2017 LDV Capital Vision Summit in NYC about Deconstructing MRI.

Invited talks from members of the LFI Lab from the 25th Annual Meeting of the ISMRM held in Honolulu Hawaii 22-27 April 2017.

Press release: Nanodiamond-enhanced MRI: A Dazzling New Approach to Imaging

Press release for Dr. Bo Zhu's work on a new noninvasive approach to diagnosing liver fibrosis, featured in the journal Hepatology.

Building tomorrow’s MRI — faster, smaller, and cheaper, Video interview with Dr. Matt Rosen on STAT News "Science Happens" 3 Feb 2-2017.


Invited talks from members of the LFI Lab from the 24th Annual Meeting of the ISMRM held in Singapore 7-13 May 2016.


Press release: Low-Cost, High-Performance MRI Opens New Opportunities For Brain Imaging

Invited talks from members of the LFI Lab from the 23th Annual Meeting of the ISMRM held in Toronto 30 May-5 June 2015.

Martinos Center spotlight on Matt Rosen's scientific glass blowing for gas hyperpolarization systems


Matt talks to German magazine about MRI, football and nerds

Matt talks to MIT's Technology Review about early detection of brain injury with free radical sensitive MRI


Invited talk by Matt Rosen at the "Next Generation Medical Imaging Workshop" at Carnegie Mellon University, 5-6 September 2012.


The November 2010 issue of Popular Science features an article about our scanner and low-field laboratory at the Martinos Center. Check out "The DIY MRI".


Technology Review
This article in MIT's Technology Review gives a nice overview of orientation-variable lung imaging in our scanner.


Center for Pulmonary Functional Imaging
Collegues and collaborators right here in Boston.


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