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Susan M. Mosher


2003: B.S. in Brain and Cognitive Sciences (concentrations in both Systems Neuroscience and Cognitive Science)
Minor in Psychology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, MA

September 2005: Starting Ph.D. Program in Neuroscience at Boston University


In addition to building and maintaining this fabulous website, my current projects include three MEG studies examining how children's minds work and change when they are learning to read. To do this, we have created tasks that challenge children's phonology and semantics skills while the child reads or views pictures. For source localization, we are using a multi-dipole Equivalent Current Dipole model as well as the Minimum Norm Estimate.


My main interests are in cognitive and systems neuroscience, including attention, awareness, and language and how these affect and create human consciousness. I would also like to study computational methods for analyzing neuroradiological data, as well as compare the various types of functional imaging and how the unique information each provides can be combined to provide a more complete picture of how the mind works. To learn more about my interests and background, please visit my personal homepage.


When I'm not in the lab or otherwise sitting in front of a computer, I enjoy photography and printing (especially of my niece and nephew), vegetarian cooking, city gardening, international politics, studying The Simpsons, cheering for the Red Sox, playing Euchre and Bridge, and doing home improvement projects on my condo.


Sterling Heights, Michigan/ Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts


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