Tommi Raij, MD, PhD

Professional Information


Assistant in Neuroscience, Massachusetts General Hospital
Director, TMS Clinical Research, Martinos Center


PhD Neuroscience, University of Helsinki - Finland, 2000
MD Medicine, University of Helsinki - Finland, 1994

Martinos Faculty


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The goal of my research is to better understand, diagnose, and treat psychiatric and neurological disease. To this aim, I use state-of-the-art multimodal
combinations of noninvasive techniques that stimulate the human brain (TMS) and reveal
different aspects of its function and structure
(MEG-EEG-fMRI-MRI-DTI-behavioral measurements).

Much of my recent work focuses on optimizing brain stimulation treatments for depression and addictions. I am also investigating new biomarkers
for depression, and examining basic mechanisms and potential TMS
treatments of PTSD and anxiety. In addition, I am mapping neuronal activation trace lifetimes in health
as well as in schizophrenia and depression, and studying how their
abnormalities may cause symptoms. Another longstanding, physiologically
more basic, interest of mine lies in how large-scale integration over
multiple human brain systems occurs (multisensory and sensorimotor
integration), how learning influences it, and how cortico-cortical paired associative stimulation could be used to re-wire connectivity between brain areas.

To reach the above
goals it is often necessary to develop novel techniques. For example, I am improving TMS
navigation such that its accuracy and therapeutic efficacy could be enhanced.