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Welcome to the Dickerson Lab: Summer Brain Camp

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Every summer, we welcome a group of students to our lab for an intensive summer research experience. Students at a range of levels are welcomed, from high school through undergraduate college through graduate or medical school. Email Brad Dickerson or Aly Negreira with inquiries (see "People" page). Students receive a comprehensive exposure to brain imaging and behavioral research, including a focused project of their own and regular lab and larger group meetings in which others' projects are discussed. There is also a series of lectures on general issues related to the brain and behavior. There are also selective clinical experiences available, including observation in clinical settings and observation of research visits with participants in our various studies.

2010 Summer Brain Camp participants:
Priya Doerga
Teresa Guillamon
Joe Keller
Sylvie Lee
Pascal Lie
Sam Malakhovsky
Jessica Pan
Past participants in Summer Brain Camp
Katie Andersen, B.S., Univ Mississippi College of Medicine (AFAR Summer Medical Student intern (MSTAR program))
Sylvie Lee (Boston University student in speech/language/hearing abilities program)
Amanda Hassan (Boston University student in speech/language/hearing abilities program)
Julian Fine (Hampshire College student)

Aaron Shmookler, B.S., Univ. of Toledo College of Medicine (AFAR Summer Medical Student intern (MSTAR program))
Ugwechi Amadi (MIT UROP summer undergraduate student intern)
Renee LaViolette (Summer undergraduate student intern)
Dina Gozman, B.S., Ohio State University Medical School (Summer Medical Student intern)
Jonny Koh (Summer high school student intern)
Kai Nalipinski (Summer high school student intern)
AbdulAziz Alkattan (Summer high school student intern, Center for Excellence in Education, Research Science Institute)

Min Deng, B.S., Case Western Reserve College of Medicine (Medical student, supported by MSTAR fellowship)
Christine Lai (High school student)
Pilar Delgado, M.D. (Summer post-doctoral rotator)

David Koh (High school student)

David Koh (High school student)
Andy Ellison (Undergraduate student)

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