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Welcome to the Dickerson Lab: How to participate

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We are continuously seeking participants of all ages over 20 for ongoing studies. Please contact us using the information below to inquire about opportunities to participate.

We are always open to potential collaborative work or student/resident internships.

Directions to our facility

Contact Katie Brandt (, Director of Caregiver Support and Public Relations, or Dr. Dickerson if you would like to inquire about philanthrophic contributions to help support this research. ( or by telephone)

The following language is language that can be used for donations in memory of patients or family members:

Honoring A Loved One with A Gift for Dementia Research
In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to Dr. Dickerson’s Dementia Research Program in the Massachusetts General Hospital Frontotemporal Disorders Unit. Your generous gifts support the clinical care and research efforts for individuals living with early onset dementias.

Donations May Be Made By Mail:
Checks may be made payable to “MGH Dr. Dickerson Lab” and in the memo line, please put “Dementia Research”
Checks can then be mailed to: Dr. Brad Dickerson, Attn: Raseeka Premchander, 149 13th Street, Suite 2691, Charlestown, MA 02129
Donations May Be Made Online:
For questions, and to receive more information about our clinical research programs, visit us at
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