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Brad Dickerson, M.D. (Principal Investigator):

Daisy Hochberg (formerly Sapolsky), M.S., CCC-SLP (Speech and Language Pathologist)

Diane Lucente, M.S. (Senior genetic counselor)

Scott McGinnis, M.D. (Behavioral neurologist)

Mark Eldaief, M.D. (Behavioral neurologist and neuropsychiatrist)

David Perez, M.D. (Behavioral neurologist and neuropsychiatrist)

Megan Quimby, M.S., CCC-SLP (Director of Speech Language Pathology Program; Speech Pathologist)

Bonnie Wong, Ph.D. (Director of Neuropsychology Program; Neuropsychologist)

Katie Brandt, M.M. (Director of Caregiver Support Services and Public Relations)

Jessica Collins, Ph.D. (Neuroscientist; Instructor in Neurology)

Alexandra Touroutoglou, Ph.D. (Neuroscientist; Instructor in Neurology)

Joe Andreano, Ph.D. (Neuroscientist; Instructor in Psychiatry)

Deepti Putcha, Ph.D. (Neuropsychologist; Instructor in Psychiatry)

Claire Cordella, Ph.D., CCC-SLP (Speech pathologist and post-doctoral research fellow)

Shalom (Shaz) Kim, M.S., CCC-SLP (Speech pathologist)

Neguine Rezaii, M.D. (Behavioral neurology & neuropsychiatry clinical and research fellow)

Sheena Dev, Ph.D. (Post-doctoral fellow in neuropsychology)

Emmaleigh Loyer, M.S. (Speech pathology clinical fellow)

Jeanne Gallee, B.S. (PhD student in the Harvard-MIT Speech and Hearing Bioscience & Technology (SHBT) program)

Raseeka O'Chander, M.S. (Program Manager)

Samantha Krivensky, B.S. (Project Manager)

Mike Brickhouse, B.S. (Imaging Data Analyst)

Alex Zaitsev, Ph.D. (Data manager)

Ryan Eckbo, B.S. (Imaging Data Analyst)

Rania Ezzo, B.S. (Imaging Data Analyst)

Taylor Delp, B.S. (Clinical Research Coordinator)

Ryn Flaherty, B.S. (Clinical Research Coordinator)

Erin Krahn, B.S. (Clinical Research Coordinator)

Sam Huang, B.S. (Clinical Research Coordinator)

Courtney Sullivan, B.S. (Clinical Research Coordinator)

Ana Eustace, B.S. (Clinical Research Coordinator)

Angela Villareyna, B.S. (Administrative Assistant)

Lab alumni

Katelynn Getchell, B.S. (Clinical Research Coordinator)

Jaya Padmanabhan, M.D. (Neuropsychiatrist)

Christian Leyton, Ph.D. (Neuroscience post-doc)

Haroon Popal (Data analyst)

Kay Sweeney, M.S. (Clinical Research Coordinator)

Sara Makaretz (Data analyst)

Elena Ratti, M.D. (Clinical research fellow)

Mike Stepanovic, B.S. (Research Assistant)

Simon Ducharme, M.D. (Post-doctoral clinical research fellow (neuropsychiatry))

Chenjie Xia, M.D. (Post-doctoral research fellow (neurology))

Christina Caso, B.S. (Clinical Research Coordinator)

Kimiko Domoto-Reilly, M.D. (Behavioral neurologist)

James O'Donovan, B.S. (Kennedy Scholar Medical Student)

Mandana Modirrousta, M.D. (Post-doctoral research fellow; now in junior faculty position (psychiatry))

Mark Hollenbeck, B.S. (Research Assistant; now in graduate school)

Belen Pascual, Ph.D. (Post-doctoral research fellow; now in faculty position (neuropsychology), Methodist Hospital, Houston TX)

Kristen Lindquist, Ph.D. (Post-doctoral research fellow; now Assistant Professor of Psychology, UNC Chapel Hill)

Kevin Bickart, Ph.D. (Graduate student; now in neurology residency)

Jon Entis, B.S. (Graduate student)

Aly Negreira, B.S. (Lab manager; now in post-doctoral fellowship, neuropsychology)

Liang Wang, M.D. (Postdoctoral research fellow; now in research scientist position at Wash U)

Jessica Pan, B.S. (Brown undergraduate student, senior thesis: "A method for parcellating the orbitofrontal cortex")

Stephan Poulin, M.D. (Neuropsychiatrist, Post-doctoral research fellow): Practicing in Quebec

Lucille Pellerin, M.D. (Internist, Clinical research fellow): Practicing in France

Akram Bakkour, B.S. (Lab manager/MRI technician): Now in post-doc

Pete LaViolette, M.S. (Programmer/Analyst): Now faculty at Medical College of Wisconsin

Amy Raudenbush, M.S. (Research Assistant)

Katie Anderson, B.S. (AFAR Summer Medical Student intern (MSTAR program)): University of Mississippi Medical School

Ugwechi Amadi (MIT UROP undergraduate student intern): MIT

Aaron Shmookler, B.S. (AFAR Summer Medical Student intern (MSTAR program)): Case Western Reserve School of Medicine

Renee LaViolette (Summer undergraduate student intern): U Minnesota

Dina Gozman, B.S. (Summer Medical Student intern): Ohio State U Med School

Jonny Koh (Summer high school student intern)

Kai Nalipinski (Summer high school student intern)

AbdulAziz Alkattan (Summer high school student intern, Center for Excellence in Education, Research Science Institute)

Eric Feczko, B.S. (Research Assistant):

Min Deng, B.S. (AFAR Summer Medical Student Intern (MSTAR)): Case Western School of Medicine

Christine Lai (Summer High School Student Morphometry Intern): Trinity Catholic High

David Koh (Summer High School Computer Programmer Intern): MIT

Andy Ellison (Summer Undergraduate Anatomy & Biotechnology Intern): Boston University Radiology

Keith Vossel, M.D. (Neurology Resident Intern): Assistant Professor of Neurology, UCSF

Elizabeth Fenstermacher, B.S. (Study Coordinator/Research Assistant): Psychiatry resident

Saul Miller, B.A. (Study Coordinator/Research Assistant): Assistant Professor of Psychology, U Kentucky

Local Collaborators

Interactions between emotion and cognition

Lisa Feldman-Barrett, Ph.D.

Karen Quigley, Ph.D.

Derek Isaacowitz, Ph.D.

Yuta Katsumi, Ph.D. (jointly mentored post-doctoral research fellow)

Center for Neural Systems Investigation and Center for Morphometric Analysis

Nikos Makris, Ph.D.

Marek Kubicki, Ph.D.

ADRC and ADRC Imaging Core projects

Deborah Blacker, M.D.

Randy Buckner, Ph.D.

Brad Hyman, M.D., Ph.D.

Keith Johnson, M.D.

Dorene Rentz, Ph.D.

David Salat, Ph.D.

Reisa Sperling, M.D.

Teresa Gomez-Isla, M.D.

Steven Arnold, M.D., Ph.D.

Julie Price, Ph.D.

Jean Augustinack, Ph.D.

Aaron Schultz, Ph.D.

Jacob Hooker, Ph.D.

Ciprian Catana, Ph.D.

Genetics, iPSCs, and chemical biology

Steve Haggarty, Ph.D.

Diane Lucente

Jim Gusella, Ph.D.

Caterina Lima Da Silva, Ph.D.(post-doctoral research fellow)

Neuroscience of sleep and anesthesia

Patrick Purdon, Ph.D. (electrophysiology of sleep, anesthesia, aging and neurodegeneration)

Mike Prerau, Ph.D. (electrophysiology of sleep, aging and neurodegeneration)

Emery Brown, M.D., Ph.D. (electrophysiology of anesthesia, aging, and neurodegeneration)

Alex He, B.S. (jointly mentored HST Bioengineering graduate student)

Neuroscience of meditation

Sara Lazar, Ph.D. (

Neuromodulation of large-scale brain networks in aging and neurodegenerative disease

Joan Camprodon, M.D., Ph.D. (TMS)

Psychoeducational interventions for caregivers of dementia patients

Angelo Volandes, M.D. (Internal Medicine, Palliative Care)

Delirium, dementia, and the vulnerable brain

Sharon Inouye, M.D. (Hebrew Senior Life)

David Alsop, M.D. (BIDMC)

Tamara Fong, M.D. (BIDMC)

Longitudinal Early-Onset Dementia Study

Liana Apostolova, M.D. (Indiana University)

Gil Rabinovici, M.D. (UCSF)

Maria Carillo, Ph.D. (Alzheimer's Association

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