Caroline MAGNAIN, Ph. D.






  • Trainee Abstract Travel Award for the 2013 OHBM Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA, USA


Professional experiences

  • Editions "Techniques de l'ingénieur" (Nov. 2008 to Jan. 2009)
    Co-author of a french-english scientific vocabulary for nanosciences and nanotechnologies
  • Laserlab Europe, european project (Oct. 2008)
    Identification of varnishes with two complementary devices.
    Advisor: Daniela Comelli, Politecnico de Milano, Italy
  • FingArtPrint, european project (Nov. 2007 to Apr. 2008)
    In situ, 3D non contact microscale documentation and identification of paintings and polychrome objects.
    Coordinator: Bill Wei, Instituut Collectie Nederland
  • Musée des Beau-Arts and Fond Régional d'Art Contemporain de Dijon (Jul. 2007)
    Measurement campaign: Pigments' identification for restoration and documentation of old and contemporary works of art.
    Advisor: Mady Elias
  • Internship at the Center for Ultrahigh bandwith Devices for Optical Systems, University of Sydney, NSW, Australia (May 2005 to Jul. 2005)
    Third harmonic generation in microstructured optical fibers: simulation of modes and dispersive curves using CUDOS MOF Utilities
    Adviser: Dr. Boris Kuhlmey, Pr. Ross McPhedran and Pr. Martijn de Sterke
  • Internship at the Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale, Université Paris XI,Orsay (Jun. 2004 to Jul. 2004)
    Spectral imaging of Saturn and its rings: data processing of infrared images from ISO mission
    Advisers: François Poulet


Academic experiences

  • Supervision of scientific trainees
  • PhD students' representative at the scientific council (Mar. 2008 to Oct. 2009)
    Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris
  • PhD students' representative at the laboratory board (Oct. 2007 to Oct. 2008)
    Institut des NanoSciences de Paris, UPMC, Paris


Scientific outreaches

  • Festival of sciences (Oct. 2006, Oct. 2007, Nov. 2008)
    Workshops for children at the Institut des NanoSciences de Paris
  • European City of Sciences, Grand Palais, Paris (Nov. 2008)
    Scientific demonstration of the pigments'identification