This is a graphical user interface for visualization and analysis of near-infrared spectroscopy data.

HOMER2 has a GUI interface similar to HOMER1, but now more easily supports group analyses and re-configuration of the processing stream. Further, it enables users to integrate their own algorithms into the processing stream. Underneath the GUI, all of the processing functions can be accessed at the script level, adding additional flexibility. Users are encouraged to contribute their own scripts for public dissemination within HOMER2.

FDMD Graphical User Interface
This is a graphical user interface for quick visual display of the results of frequency-domain multi-wavelength multi-distance measurements.

iso2mesh is a matlab-based meshing toolbox. It can create 3D tetrahedral finite element (FE) mesh from iso-surfaces and 3D binary volumetric images such as thresholded MRI/CT scans.

Monte Carlo Photon Transport
tMCimg uses a Monte Carlo algorithm to model the transport of photons through 3D highly volumes with spatially varying optical properties and arbitrary boundary conditions.

Monte Carlo eXtreme
Monte Carlo eXtreme (MCX) is Monte-Carlo simulation software for modeling photon migration in 3D turbid media. Using GPU-based massively parallel computing techniques, it is extremely fast compared to traditional CPU-based simulation. The acceleration rate is approximately 100 to 300 on a modern graphics card.

PMI Toolbox v2.0
This is an updated version of the toolbox, added on August 21, 2003.

PMI Toolbox v1.0
The toolbox includes numerous algorithms with which to perform the forward and inverse calculations associated with Photon Migration Imaging.

Mie Program
This is the source code. It's poorly documented, but it does the job.